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Dynatech Headers an AFCO Racing Company 

Dynatech continues to be the exhaust leader in all forms of racing and high performance applications. Advances in racing, engineering, and design have automakers bringing a whole new breed of cars and trucks to the streets and tracks. This same excitement and new wave of technology is apparent at Dynatech as you view the pages of our latest catalog. We continue to be focused on new products and award-winning designs. 



Virtual reality exhaust design systems allow engineers to design the exhaust system in virtual space that will meet all necessary design criteria. Key interference and mounting points are captured and then transferred into engineering computer stations. Tube routings, lengths, and diameters can all be manipulated for proper fit and function. These processes cut design time by 90% and produce a much more efficient and powerful design. 


At Dynatech, we strive for 100% perfection on all of the products that we manufacture. Everything we manufacture goes through proven assembly steps and procedures to provide the end user with a product that we stake our reputation on. We have instituted numerous fitment and quality control inspections. All high performance systems are 100% tested to be leak free and 100% jig tested for fitment.



Dynatech products provide superior performance and fit for a wide range of exhaust applications. One thing that you can always count on regardless of what Dynatech product you buy is excellent fit, function and performance. We understand the value of offering no hassle, maintenance free products to our customers. Many companies strive for the kind of quality and service Dynatech provides. At Dynatech this is just “business as usual” and has been for over 30 years! 

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