AFCO Aluminum Radiators
No Compromises = Pure Performance

The importance of proper cooling to an engine cannot be underestimated. Even a small deficiency in your cooling system can cause loss of power and premature engine wear. Pushed further, cooling problems can have much more serious ramifications, including catastrophic engine failure. Of all the components in the cooling system, the performance of the radiator is the most critical. AFCO understands the vital role the radiator plays in protecting the investment you have in your car. That is why we make no excuses or compromises in constructing the best aftermarket radiators in the industry. Don't trust your pride and joy to anything less than AFCO quality!

Every AFCO radiator is built from detailed, computer designed specifications and use precision CNC laser-cut parts for exact tolerances. We never stamp tanks. Our tanks are either laser-cut and precision-welded or formed using a “drawn” technique that keeps a uniform thickness and eliminates weak spots.

• 100% aluminum construction (no epoxy)

• 100% TIG-welded • 100% pressure-tested

• Filler necks feature screw-in bleed — won't crack or leak with age

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