AFCO Suspension


Horsepower is critical in drag racing. However, during every launch and every pass, you need your car to hook up with precision or risk squandering your hard earned horsepower in tire shake, or worse, an out-of-control car!

Because horsepower is transferred through the chassis, suspension components and tires, quality chassis components make the difference between success and failure.

Having the latest in suspension geometry is not enough to get the results you need. One of the most critical and often overlooked components to obtaining the perfect setup is your shock and spring combination.

Shocks and springs are the link between your tires/suspension and your chassis. Even slight variations in rate or valving can drastically impact the way weight is transferred and how your car reacts when power is applied.

AFCO has made controlling weight transfer into a science. Years of experience and real world testing have gone into producing a shock that can control the explosive forces of a 2000+HP launch and yet still be sensitive enough to react to the smallest of variations in track condition and surface irregularities.

With AFCO shocks and springs installed on your car, you can stage with confidence, knowing that you have the best coil-over shocks money can buy.


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